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What is the difference between frog, tree frog and frog?

What is the difference between frog, tree frog and frog?

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Normally people confuse these three animals, although they have many differences in morphology, habitat and behavior.

What they have in common is that they are classified as anuran, a name given to non-tailed amphibians.

Contrary to popular belief, frogs and tree frogs they are not the frog females. There are male and female frog, male frog and female frog, as well as male frog and female frog.

There are many differences between frog, frog and tree frog


Frogs have a drier and rougher skin than other frogs. In addition, they prefer to live on land and only seek aquatic environments when they will reproduce.

The frog's hind legs are shorter, so they can't make big leaps like frogs. Due to the glands it has in the dorsal region, when the frog experiences some external pressure (such as being stepped on), it releases a poison that can irritate our eyes and mucous membranes.


They are the most skilled among these three types of frogs. Its longer hind limbs help in jumping and swimming. They can jump up to 1.5 meters long and 70 centimeters high.

They live mainly in ponds and have a very smooth and shiny skin. Its toxins are located in the back regions.

Unlike frogs and tree frogs, frogs are used for food as they have a smooth and nutritious meat that vaguely resembles chicken meat.

Tree frogs

Typically, tree frogs are smaller than frogs or frogs, with bulging eyes as well as being more colorful.

They do not like ponds, prefer to live in trees. With long, slender legs, they are capable of great heels and attaching themselves to surfaces, as they have discs at their fingertips, which act as suction cups and allow this attachment. Like frogs, they have very smooth skin.

They belong to several families. They are often found in home bathrooms as they like humid environments.

Comparative table

FrogsFrogsTree frogs
HabitatPrefer to live on landThey mainly live in lagoonsMuch found in tree branches
Size2 to 25 centimetersFrom 9.8 millimeters to 30 centimetersLess than 10 centimeters
Number of SpeciesAbout 300More than 4 thousandMore than 700


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