How to prevent soil erosion?

There are cultivation techniques that decrease soil erosion. On the slopes, for example, where erosion is greatest, plantations can be made in steps or terraces, which reduce the flow rate of water.

On steep slopes, instead of planting species arranged in the direction of water flow, we should form rows of plants on the same level of ground, leaving space between rows. These rows of plants arranged at the same height are called contours.

Another way of protecting the land is to grow different plants on the same ground but at alternating periods. So the ground always has some protective cover. alternating corn planting is common; for example with a legume. Legumes bring an added advantage to the soil: it replenishes nitrogen removed from the soil by corn or another crop. This "rotation" of plants is known as crop rotation.

It is up to the government to advise farmers on the most suitable plants to grow on their land and on the most appropriate farming techniques. It is also crucial that small field owners have access to resources that enable them to purchase equipment and materials for proper land use.