In details

The fate of trash

Waste from homes, schools and factories differs in their destination.

If you live in a city and it has the garbage collection, an important basic sanitation service, possibly it will be transported away from the urban environment.

But remember that open-air garbage dumps or even ordinary landfills, where garbage is randomly covered, do not solve the problem of environmental contamination, especially soil.

Sanitary landfills

We landfills, the rubbish covered with earth and crumpled is placed in large holes. This procedure is repeated several times, forming overlapping layers.

Araruama Dump

Landfills have drainage systems that remove excess liquid and liquid and gaseous waste treatment systems.

Building a landfill requires some care:

  • the landfill must be poorly permeable, that is, let little water pass slowly;
  • the landfill should be far from any inhabited place;
  • There should be no underground water table near the landfill.

For these reasons, the implementation and maintenance of a landfill has a high economic cost.

Landfill in Sorocaba